Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Insight Than I Would Expect

A Minnesota teenager gets caught before the crime, and gives a chilling confession about why he was planning mass murder:
In the audio recordings released Tuesday, John LaDue, 17, appeared calm as he detailed his plans to set off bombs in his Waseca, Minnesota, school hallways.
“I was not bullied at all,” he told the police. “I don’t think I’ve ever been bullied in my life. I have good parents. I live in a good town. I think I’m just really mentally ill. And no one’s noticed, and I’ve been trying to hide it.”
Police said he wanted to kill his parents and his older sister.
“They did nothing wrong,” LaDue said, according to NBC affiliate KARE in Minneapolis. “I just want as many victims as possible.”

Yes, I think that's a pretty good description; he thinks he's mentally ill.  This guy does not seem to be even be engaged in the sort of weird self-pitying of the Isla Vista killer.


  1. Reminds me of Charles Whitman, and his note suggesting his brain be examined after his inevitable death, because he was pretty sure his murderous urges were the result of some physical problem.

    Minds (and their relations to brains) are a funny thing.

  2. Just proves there is a huge range of disorders and conditions that don't all fit into the same box or category. Hence there is far from an easy way to catch or identify everyone--the complexities of the human condition. Of course that doesn't mean we shouldn't' try, just that it will never be 100% effective.