Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Corvette Needs New Radiator

A mechanic told me some years ago that there are a lot of parts that need replacing just past 100,000 miles on a Corvette, but once you get past those repairs, they are generally good for another 100,000.  I sure hope so.  It has been running hot, and it turns out to be a radiator leak and two radiator hoses with leaks.

Oh well, the repairs are still less than two car payments on a really nice luxury sedan, or about three car payments on something really cheap and mundane.

While waiting for a ride to work, I climbed into a Cadillac ATS sedan.  The front seat was very nice.  The rear seat is really only suited to children.  I would not be able to comfortably climb out of it without banging my head.

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