Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SCA/Renaisance Faire Sorts Out There?

I am preparing a presentation on the origins of Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine law for the Texas Bar Association CLE event that I am doing in September.  I have been toying with having a couple of guys in 1500 or so attire acting out a sequence dramatizing the sort of incident that today would be considered self-defense under excusable homicide statute, but then was simply a crime.  We're talking about perhaps 60 seconds of video, X and Y exchange harsh words, X swings at Y, Y punches X in the face causing X to the fall to the ground, and then the camera shows blood flowing across the ground from behind that participant's head.

I will supply dialog, with opportunity for suitable embellishment (as long as it does not become incomprehensible to a modern audience).  Anyone interested in doing this?

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