Friday, June 6, 2014

Open Carry Foolishness Isn't Just In Texas

By which I mean idiots walking into restaurants with AR-15s, muzzle down or low, to express their disapproval of Texas law that prohibits open carry of handguns.  No, the Idaho Federation of Teachers is encouraging college instructors to consider expressing their disapproval of Idaho's new law allowing retired peace officers and enhanced carry permit licensees to carry concealed on public college campuses by:
8. Bring Guns to Class: If all else fails, faculty may wish to organize in what might be termed a show of civil disobedience.  Faculty could choose to carry guns themselves in classrooms to highlight the absurdity of this new law law.  In order to garner the most attention, I would recommend that faculty choose to open-carry their firearms.  Rifles and shotguns slung over the shoulder might have the most impact.  Additionally, some complementary garb such as coonskin hats and boots with spurs could help hearken back to the 19th century when laws such as this might have been rational.
Before any faculty member chooses to carry a firearm on campus they need to make sure to obtain a license under I.C. 18-3302K.
Keep in mind that colleges are complying with this new law by emphasizing concealed carry -- and thus open carry would be a valid basis for suspension or expulsion.  And perhaps for dismissal of an instructor?  

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  1. Where I live, spurs are a very reasonable accessory for many people, who work on local ranches and spend much of the day on horseback. In a college classroom, I'm probably less likely to need spurs, but statistically more likely to benefit from having a gun...