Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Guam Passes Shall-Issue Law

From Guns Save Lives:
    Here are some of the features of the new law:
    Requires that a permit for a concealed firearm be issued if requirements are met.
    Includes all handguns, rifles, and shotguns
    Includes all concealed weapons other than firearms
    Is only available to residents of Guam
    Puts a limit on the required, non-refundable fee of $100
    Requires issue within 90 days of the receipt of a complete application
    Includes methods to regain rights previously lost
    Is valid for a period of three years
    Provides for a 180 day grace period to renew the permit
    Requires a color photograph
    Requires fingerprints; if legible fingerprints cannot be made, can be issued by check of ID
    Applicants must be 21 years of age
    Requires a desire for a legal means to carry a firearm for lawful self defense
    DD214, NRA, or State Hunter Safety Courses among others, meet training course requirement
    Reason for denial required to be given
Notice of renewal requirement will be mailed out 90 days before expiration
It would be nice if they recognized permits from the United States, but heck, this is progress.

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  1. Pretty decent, overall. Fits in the mainstream of concealed carry laws without being too burdensome.