Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Reminders of the Sort of Person the Las Vegas Shooter Was

Mr. Miller had had previous run-ins with the police, including a felony vehicle theft conviction, phone harassment, driving under the influence, and malicious mischief, according to the Washington State Patrol.
In another online video, Mr. Miller showed the camera an ankle bracelet that he said he had to wear as a condition of house arrest for selling marijuana. In that video, 
There has been an attempt in some circles to portray Miller as a logical outgrowth of the Tea Party crowd and the extremism of the Bundy Ranch confrontation.  But both Bundy's son and Miller's postings indicate that he was asked to leave after a couple of days for his radicalism.  And of all the criticisms that I have seen of the Tea Partiers, "drug dealer" isn't typically one of them.

This was a pretty messed up person, one upset because his life's ambitions were apparently being thwarted:
“I want to be a war mongerer [sic], not just some everyday terrorist,” Jared Miller, dressed as the comic book homicidal villain the Joker, ranted in an online video posted months before the shootings. “I want to blow up whole nations.”

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  1. One problem with trying to associate the Millers with the Tea Party is that they shot the type of law enforcement officers Tea Partiers don't complain about - everyday city cops.