Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Can Anyone Be So Ignorant of History As Barack Obama?

Ed Driscoll points to a recent tweet from Barack Obama about the importance of equal pay for women by talking about how it isn't 1963 anymore, with a picture of the Moon landing.  As Driscoll points out, not only does Obama not know these things, but apparently does not know how to fact check to find out if he has dates right.  And this guy was a law professor?


  1. Well, actually he wasn't a law professor, but simply a lecturer. Note that Obama has never published any scholarly work (some say he was never personally written anything, but that is another matter), which I'm sure a decent university such as Univ. of Chicago would require.

    I'm sure Obama himself didn't really have anything to do with the ignorant tweet -- some low-level flunkie surely did it.

  2. I think that part of his message is that the "Equal Pay Act" was the primary driver to putting Neil Armstrong on the moon. Without that Act, we'd still be gazing at the moon, wondering at the depths of the Lunar Seas.


  3. People are discovering more and more that Barack Obama is just an idiot. It's no wonder we haven't seen his college transcripts.

  4. His wonderfulness went to Harvard Law. Where he was an editor of the Law Review, yet authored not one article.

    He's slid through life on affirmative action and having other people do his work for him. No wonder he's a know nothing.

  5. A CONSTITUTIONAL law professor, no less.