Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Really Low Information Voters

Bitter over at Shall Not Be Questioned points out that not only did gun control advocate California State Senator Leland Yee (currently under indictment for a variety of charges, including offering to smuggle rocket launchers and machine guns to organized crime figures in the U.S.) get 10% of the primary vote for California Secretary of State (even though he withdrew from the race months ago), but he even improved his percentage from when he withdrew!

This gives us two disturbing possibilities:

1. 10% of California Democrats are really not paying any attention.

2. 10% of California Democrats support gun control, as long as organized crime is allowed access to really dangerous weapons.


  1. Bearing in mind that California has an open primary system, and the California Republican party is utterly hopeless, I offer a third possibility: California Republicans voted for Yee as a joke. I seriously considered doing this myself.

  2. What percentage of California's Democratic vote are composed of members of Chinese Tong gangs?

  3. California primaries are now completely open. We all had Leland Yee on our ballot. I could imagine a republican voting for Yee in the hope that he'd come in second to the republican candidate, making for a slaughter in the general election.

    Asians voters are also pretty race-conscious; it would be interesting to see where Yee did well compared to where there are lots of Chinese.

  4. 3. At least 10% of California voters don't exist in corporeal form.