Friday, December 17, 2010

Comment Spammers

Things that really annoy me: when people post comments that include a link to a website that apparently pays them for every clickthrough.  In some cases, the website is completely and utterly unrelated to the comment or anything.  Even if the comment is otherwise plausible, it makes me suspect that the comment isn't genuine.


  1. I wonder if I could win the presidency on the promise of making it legal to shoot spammers.

  2. There are two other possibilities:

    1.) An SQL injection attack. Unlikely, since this is hosted on blogspot and security shouldn't be a problem.

    2.) Malware on the commenters' computers.

    I'd guess #2 as I've seen the same thing on a lot of blogs. I didn't understand it at first, but if malware can modify all the links on a webpage, it can certainly add a URL to a comment.

  3. I read the comments just to see if there was spam.

  4. There are companies that push spam on to forums that hire folks in India to put them up. Some of the more mindless ones merely extract the capctha (?) and have people decode them for a penny each.