Thursday, December 9, 2010

Someone Seems To Have Missed The Point

I was shopping for a GPS navigator for someone for a shopping gift (who doesn't read my blog), and I found this discussion of a feature of the Garmin 265WT that seems to be missing the point:
In more and more places, it is becoming illegal to use cell phones while driving without a hands-free kit. WIth Bluetooth capability, microphone and speaker, you can match your nüvi to any Bluetooth-capable phone to make hands-free mobile phone calls. Simply dial the phone number with the nüvi's touch screen keypad to make a call on a compatible phone.
I thought the point of the laws against using cell phones except with a hands-free headset was that you were distracted by dialing or manipulating the phone.  This might technically not qualify as using a cell phone, but it does not seem a single bit safer to me.

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