Thursday, December 9, 2010

Banning Dihydrogen Monoxide

Some troublemakers went to the Cancun global warming conference, and tried to get people in attendance to sign various absurd petitions--of which my favorite was the petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide (H2O).  They had no problem getting people to sign this at the water cooler.  After all, dihydrogen monoxide is a greenhouse gas (in case you didn't know that), and is a major component (the largest component, even) of acid rain.

I'm glad that scientists are making the decisions about our future.

On a much more serious note: Viscount Monckton's description of what the Cancun conference agreed to is quite scary.  It is a massive redistribution from the United States to Third World and UN bureaucrats.

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  1. Penn and Teller did something similar on their show. It's funny to watch. But here's the point, if you can't remember you basic chemistry from your sophomore year of high school, you probably shouldn't be at a conference about a scientific issue.