Thursday, December 9, 2010

This Should Scare You

There are a number of news reports asserting that Venezuela and Iran have worked out an arrangement to base medium-range ballistic missiles in Venezuela.  This seems to be one of the more detailed accounts.  Gee, I wonder who they would be aimed at?  The original source is the November 25, 2010 Die Welt, a respected German newspaper.  My German is a bit rusty, but that does seem to be what the story says.  Isn't it odd that American media aren't discussing this news story?  I guess Americans would not have any reason to be concerned about Iran putting missiles in range of U.S. cities, would they?

It is hard to tell what is scarier: that this is happening, or that our news media are ignoring the story.  Once Iran has nuclear weapons, it would only take the threat of dropping nuclear weapons on three or four of our cities to make the U.S. government (at least the current one) very compliant.

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