Saturday, December 25, 2010

Comment Spammers Who Aren't Competent

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how much I hate comment spammers--people who put in comments that include links intended to get commercial traffic, for which they will get affiliate fees.  I just received some comment spam that shows a remarkable lack of ability: it contains gobs of links to blogs that appear to be Finnish porn sites--but every single one of the links is non-functional!

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  1. Comment spam can get really nasty.

    Nearly every comment thread at Ace of Spades ends in a flurry of spam.

    And Eric S. Raymond's blog Armed and Dangerous was "spam-raped" a few weeks ago. The spammer cracked his server security and replaced all the comments in old threads with spam. (The object of this was "Search Engine Optimization" - when the search engines find links to a page on heavily linked pages, that page gets bumped up in search results, even if the linked-from page is ancient blog comments.

    I get totally pointless e-mail spam regularly. One regular is advertisements for business services in Malaysia. The services seem to be legitimate, and there isn't a lot of this spam - but I'm not going to be renting a car in Kuala Lumpur or Alor Star anytime soon.