Sunday, December 5, 2010


My wife, daughter, and granddaughter went out to lunch at Madhuban, an Indian restaurant in Boise.  They are rather proud of being named best Indian restaurant in the Boise area the last three years.  Of course, many (all?) of the other Indian restaurants in the area have gone out of business as the economy of Boise has curled up in the fetal position and began whimpering.

Still, just because they are almost alone now is not a criticism.  Some of their competitors, such as India Palace, were both unimpressive and more expensive.  I can't honestly claim that I have had better Indian food elsewhere than Madhuban.  The lunch buffet is $7.99 a person, with an impressive collection of dishes available.  I can't remember all of them right now (at least, I can't remember the names, although I can remember the flavors).

The chicken vindaloo, yes, that I remember, and it was splendid, as was the lamb curry.  The goat marsala was the only disappointment, largely because the big chunks that I assumed were meat were actually bone.  It's good thing I didn't bite down on one of these. 

They have a variety of nan breads, but at the moment I am experimenting with a gluten-free diet.  My daughter and wife have both discovered that they have a gluten allergy.  Both have experienced dramatic health improvements and weight reductions since going gluten-free, so I am joining the experiment for a few weeks.  Since allergies are often genetic, and my wife often asserts that my genes stomped all over her genes when it came to our daughter, it's worth an experiment.

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