Friday, December 17, 2010

Other Blackboard Users Out There?

Or is the word "victim"?  College of Western Idaho uses Blackboard for communicating with students, including grade reporting.  I provided an extra credit assignment opportunity--and now I can't figure out (nor, apparently, can our Blackboard support person) how to tell Blackboard to include the points in a student's total--but not include the possible points in every student's possible points.  Any ideas?  There is a way to tell Blackboard to not include a column in the student's total points, but that just makes it not count at all, in any student's total points.

UPDATE: There is a solution: set the number of possible points on the extra credit column to zero, and all the points in that column get added to the total--but the number of possible points from that column is zero.  Warning: some versions of Blackboard apparently don't handle zero possible points correctly, and you have to enter something silly like .01 points to make it work.

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  1. My wife teaches at a CSU, and uses Blackboard. I asked her.

    She said "I don't let Blackboard add up my points for me."