Friday, December 24, 2010

This Must Have a Story To It

Another Ferrari:

2009 Ferrari F430 SCUDERIA 16 M F1 CARBON FIBER - $650,000

This Vehicle Is Ferrari Certified

Program Benefits: 101-point inspection and reconditioning, Vehicle history report
But it only has 126 miles on it.  Did someone's check bounce?  Who, exactly, buys cars like this, other than Hollywood celebrities when they aren't bemoaning how the evil Republicans want to cut taxes on rich people?

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  1. Sometimes people purchase such cars to "flip" them. I know a fellow who would buy Lamborghini Diablos, then sell them within a year, typically for a handsome profit. Why would there be a profit? Because if one tries to purchase the car for from the manufacturer, there is typically a very long queue, and you may have to wait a long time to take delivery. But, buying such a car from someone who already has one means you can get it right away, if of course you pay the premium.