Monday, December 20, 2010

Things That Make My Day

My department chair is busily going through the course evaluations, and shared one particularly encouraging comment from a student in my U.S. History class:
This was the most amazing course i took this semester. I love history and learned a lot. I felt my professor was very knowlegable about everything. He also kept me intrested the whole time he was talking. I find that there isn't very much to even improve on in the course. I always looked forward to coming to this class. I was also astonished by how much information my professor knew, and it was really awsome..
Okay, there's a few spelling and capitalization errors, but it still felt good to read!


  1. Good Job Clayton, Your student expressed exactly the way I feel about your blog.

  2. Look at it this way Clayton, the spelling and grammar is another department's shortcoming, not yours. And as well educated as most all of the founding fathers were, even they made spelling and grammatical errors from time to time.

  3. A comment like that makes teaching worthwhile. I taught history at a small college for a few years long ago, I really treasured the rare compliments. way to go!