Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chris Matthews Asks Why Obama Doesn't Release His Long-Form Birth Certificate

Click here to watch Chris Matthews (a hardcore Obama worshiper) admit that Obama should release his long-form birth certificate--because only 58% of Americans are convinced that Obama was born in the United States.  Think about this for a moment: Almost half the population thinks that Obama may not be eligible to be President!  Either there is a real basis for concern about this--or 42% of the population is too stupid to do important things like vote.

I lean towards the idea that Obama was born in Hawaii, but that there is something really embarrassing on the long-form birth certificate.  What that would be, I have no idea.  (Maybe his race is listed as white?)  But it would have to be very embarrassing to let this controversy continue to fester.


  1. I don't think it would have to be embarrassing at all. It's just a wild goose chase set up to divert opponents into nonproductive avenues of inquiry.

  2. My guess all along is that there is something embarassing in the original records, maybe his birth name was other than Barack, maybe his Indonesian stepfather adopted him, maybe a later legal name change...

  3. What TM Lutas said. I don't think this is Obama's idea -- my opinion of his personal political competence keeps getting revised downward -- but someone's giving him good advice on this one. As long as the long-form certificate has not been released, the "Obama was really born in Kenya!" arguments seem plausible at first glance, though they fall apart on closer examination. But "plausible at first glance" is all it takes -- and then you can portray the Tea Party movement, say, as being full of conspiracy theorists. It's a clever way to discredit your opponents without needing to address their actual arguments.

  4. @Robin is correct. And you end up getting people like Clayton Cramer also caught up in looking like a conspiracy theorist.

    BTW, Clayton, are you still sticking to your prediction that the "WTC Mosque" will open on the 10th anniversary of 9/11? In about 250 days?

  5. 1. I actually expressed the opinion (as I have done for a couple of years) that it is more likely that there is something embarrassing on the long-form birth certificate than that he was born overseas. The refusal to release it, at great expense, is what is so curious.

    2. I never "predicted" it would open on 9/11/11. I quoted a May 13, 2010 New York Post article that made that claim. There is a difference.

  6. A while back, a contemporary of Obama's born in Hawaii released on the internet a photostat of her period long form certificate. The data recorded thereupon is so common-and-garden that it is difficult to imagine there is a hot item on the President's. I think T.M. Lutas is right: it's a bank shot.

    I have seen contentions that he has shelled out a six figure sum in legal fees to conceal this document, but cannot imagine who would have standing to sue to get it or how the President's critics would have access to his accounts with his private attorneys (unless his flacks admitted to the sum).

  7. My recollection is that the DNC hired the lawyers. Perhaps this information is available because the DNC is not exactly private, or someone has calculated what the number of hours these high priced law firms would have charged for their representation.

    Of course, remember the joke about the lawyer who shows up in Heaven, and St. Peter says, "You look so young for someone who was over 200."

    "Why do you I was 200?"

    "We added up your billed hours."