Friday, December 24, 2010

Pray For This Guy

I saw this ad on Craig's List, and all I can think is: this guy needs professional help.
"WANTED" AMC Gremlin

Please call me if you have an AMC Gremlin that you want to sell or get rid of.


  1. The buyer is to either be greatly pitied or greatly envied. I don't know which one.

  2. Maybe he's planning a car shoot. I just can't think of a better car to shoot, unless maybe it's a Chevy Vega.

  3. Maybe he's planning on donating to Fort Snelling Military Museum for next year's demonstration.

    What's that you ask? It's a once-a-year demonstration they have for their museum and the only place where you'll see classic tanks in motion, half tracks, etc.

    My son and I had a ball there this year, when they had an M60 tank vs. a Ford Escort wagon. You've never seen a 10 year old with a bigger smile than his as he watched this one.