Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Gifts That Mean The Most

The Christmas gifts that mean the most are the ones that show thought and effort--not just spending money.  Since my wife went gluten-free because she's allergic to it, and I've gone along mostly out of curiosity, I have recounted some of my experiences with various gluten-free alternatives.  I can't see any difference in my health from going gluten-free--and even on those occasions when I have had something with gluten in it, no obvious or immediate differences.  I am doing so at least partly because if I can find something gluten-free that I am happy to eat, then it is a simplification for meal making in our house.

My daughter's Christmas gifts this year included several very large glass storage containers with gluten-free pancake mix and gluten-free chocolate cake mix that she mixed up from recipes that she has found--and the results were really quite impressive.  The gluten-free pancake mix was indistinguishable from Krusteaz pancake mix; the gluten-free chocolate cake mix is slightly different in mouth feel from the commercial cake mixes--but not worse: just slightly different.

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  1. Since I have friends who are gluten intolerant, I'd be curious to know where those recipes were found.