Sunday, December 5, 2010

Righthaven Keeps Going

I had thought from the difficulties that they had with some of their suits that they would calm down.  I guess not.  From the December 5, 2010 Las Vegas Sun:

Las Vegas-based newspaper copyright enforcement company Righthaven LLC is now doing business with Media News Group and has sued a blogger for alleged copyright infringement involving a column from the Media News-owned Denver Post.

An attorney for Righthaven filed the suit Thursday in federal court in Charleston, S.C. This appears to be the first lawsuit Righthaven has filed in a federal court outside of Nevada, where since March it has filed 179 copyright infringement lawsuits.
Which papers?  The Righthaven Victims Blog reports that the Media News Group (which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year) includes "the Denver Post, the San Bernardino Sun, the San Jose Mercury News, the Detroit News, the Salt Lake Tribune and more."


  1. Oh, great. Remember several years ago when website owners tried to stop people from linking to their sites without permission? Though I think the bigger issue was deep linking. I wonder when that'll be the next target. URL shorteners seem to be the way to link nowadays. It's probably advisable not to link with the article titles, either.

  2. Steve: Solving a non problem, there - they're suing over excerpts, not links.

    And I, for one, refuse to deal with websites that use "shortened" links for everything. I like to see what I'm getting sent to ahead of time.

  3. Got a problem with the expanded list; I added it to the previous, and now NOTHING will load. They sit trying for a while, and then any website is blocked because 'elements are on the blacklist or not on the whitelist'.

  4. Optimized HOSTS blocklist file to boycott RIGHTSHAVEN clients:

    This is split in half due to Blogger comments limitation of 4,096 characters. Copy and paste both into HOSTS

    #START Block Righthaven Clients as of dec 05 2010

    #END Block Righthaven Clients as of dec 05 2010