Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Lancet Paper Debunking Hydroxychloriquinone

The official magazine of the AAAS reports that there are serious discrepancies in the data upon which the study was based.   Is this just sloppy work?  Is the maker of some proprietary COVID drug behind it? Or is this an attempt to discredit Trump's early championing of it?  Remember that the left will kill millions to achieve its goals.   Look at the 20th century.   

The Guardian,  no friend of Trump has lots more reasons to distrust the data source.  Adult model as your marketing chief?  Australian COVID deaths exceeded actual deaths and Australian hospitals denied providing the data.


  1. Good question. There are no good studies either demonstrating significant efficacy for HCQ, but this study seems to be not up to snuff.

    One question is whether there are studies on using HCQ with Zinc early in the infection. I did see a study today that found no benefit for using it in health care workers, but the study wasn't big enough to be conclusive, and it was a non-peer-reviewed preprint.

  2. I remember the Instapundit headline when the study first came out: "ANOTHER HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE STUDY WITHOUT ZINC. Worthless." Multiple doctors had been prescribing the HCQ-azithromycin-zinc combo with success stories, and the study didn't think that was worth looking into.

  3. The Lancet gave up any pretense of impartiality and credibility in the last century.

  4. The number of "studies" of whether HCQ is effective against SARS-CoV-2 that do not include zinc is astounding in that it seems to be ALL of them. When Zelenko put forth his treatment regimen involving HCQ, zinc sulfate, and azithromycin back in March he also described the logic of the treatment. Nowhere in that description did he claim that HCQ actually had a significant antiviral effect, he stated outright that it merely made the zinc more effective as it assisted it in penetrating cell walls to allow the zinc to impede viral replication there as well as in the blood. Interestingly you will also run across occasional reports of COVID-19 patients having blood clots or red cell anomalies, and Zelenko went into describing how HCQ also helped protect red cells also and how the respiratory distress was caused by the oxygen carrying ability of hemoglobin being impeded by the virus (making ventilators nearly pointless as they weren't actually acting on the problem.) Guess what other disease strongly effects red cells in a similar manner? Malaria. It's all RIGHT THERE, it's been there since late March. Does it really work? Who the hell knows because I haven't seen a word reported about Zelenko and his patients since early April and it seems to be verboten to actually study the efficacy of his treatment. I am anything but a conspiracy theorist but one has to ask why dozens of "studies" have been done since with methodologies that scrupulously avoid having any similarity to what he claimed was extremely successful.

    I'm actually still amazed that Zelenko's letter on the matter is still available via Google Docs, there was video interview with him later after he has treated closer to 1,000 patients and he expanded on what he was seeing but I'd have to dig to locate it if it hasn't been scrubbed.