Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Never Bring Knife to a Riot

Very disturbing video.  Always bring an assault weapon to a riot.  https://mobile.twitter.com/jetrotter/status/1266971451820855297/video/1

How to reinforce existing prejudices against young black men.  Show up to riot.


  1. A couple of nights ago, Scottsdale, Arizona police were caught unprepared when what had been a peaceful demonstration turned into (or was infiltrated) by a large number of looters, arsonists and vandals. As a result, SPD was unable to protect the high end mall and shops near "Old Town Scottsdale." Many shops were looted and vandalized. I watched live as looters broke into the Apple Store at the mall, and apparently frustrated because no stock was present, started to vandalize the interior.

    BUT... one jewelry store was untouched. The owner and his son, and friends, were inside, well armed and visible. The looters came to the store, looked in, and didn't attack - the first smart thing I saw them do (or not do) all night.

    After that event, where it became clear that the mobs were both organized and mobile, Arizona declared an 8PM to 5PM curfew for a week. Police were all over the place, including guarding suburban neighborhoods - I know, I spoke to them.

    The Scottsdale Gun Club, which has a large inventory of weapons and accessories, was almost completely sold out in less than two days. I suspect other guns stores had the same experience. The one negative there: a lot of those people had no idea about gun safety or how to use a gun. Waiting until there's a riot is waiting too long.

    Little happened here.

  2. Maybe, not run into a crowd waving a sword?

    Someone drank the boog juice and decided to be a one-man revolutionary. When will the boys learn that extremist rhetoric is best left on the playground and chat rooms, not in the real world?