Saturday, June 27, 2020

Great Moments in Cluelessness

Washington Post reporter tweets:

The first graph is the classic "failed arithmetic" error of journalists: refusing to understand rates vs. raw counts.  The second tries to fix that problem (showing he understands the problem with his first chart) and failing to notice that all but one are Democrat.  And these are the elites that looked down on us deplorables in flyover country?


  1. By that logic is should not matter if Trump or Biden wins the presidential election. It does not matter who is president as the problems facing the country will still be there.

  2. They aren't actually that stupid, but they are hoping their readers are.

  3. Clueless and evasive: Conservatives blaming "dangerous cities" on Democratic mayors rather than demographics.

    There is an absurdly strong correlation between race and crime. For example, the murder rate in black communities with high median family income is similar to the murder rate in low income white communities (source: NY Fed study cited here). Republicans and conservatives don't discuss this either because they don't know the facts or they think it's indecent to mention them.

    Are there any 90% white cities in the US that are "dangerous"? How about 90% white/asian? No? Democrat mayors may be terrible, but it's not helpful to principally blame them when they're as much a symptom as a cause of the problem.