Wednesday, June 17, 2020

There is Apparently Video of the Shooter in a Physical Confrontation With Antifa Earlier

Of course, she fell down, a common Antifa method of playing the victim on video.  But the sequence at clearly shows circumstances that justified deadly force.  Now you know why Democrats support restrictions on gun ownership and bans.  It is hard to intimidate people with mob action if they can defend themselves.   Unsurprisingly,  the shooter is being charged.   It is a blue city, and interfering with assault with a deadly weapon is not okay.  This video shows one of them swinging a skateboard at him.  Do you know what damage a skateboard can do?  Besides Mom probably did not give him the Bentley that day.


  1. Right before graduating from high school, I had the misfortune of having my arm broken by a swung skateboard. It's no picnic.

  2. Tried to watch the video but Twitter's message instead said that it violated "the Twitter rules." Ah, yes. Rules.

  3. JohnG: The rules they could not have quoted explaining the violation before deciding there was a violation?

    Robert Heinlein may have thought that precedent was bad because it was based on the idea that somebody else, at another time, another place and with facts completely different from the matter at hand knew better than the man on the spot, but precedent, with written rules and written decisions prevents unelected minor functionaries from making arbitrary and capricious decisions based on personal prejudice.