Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Black Lives Matter Boise Holding a Defund Police Rally at Boise City Hall 5:30 This Evening

Show up for the counterprotest.  They promise a peaceful protest, but Antifa often seems to have missed that message.  I would strongly discourage open carry; it gives the news media dangerous visuals that harm the cause of keeping police. 

If interviewed, I would focus on the prejudice of assuming all police are bad guys because of the actions of a very few police officers in almost entirely Democrat cities.  If there is a need for more social workers that is not a reason to reduce police funding; demonstrate that improved efforts in this area helps before cutting police budgets.

Do not bring your antivax/militia/revolt against the government signs; this just plays into the Left's hands.

Unfortunately I cannot make it.  I am supervising a puppy that went in for a spay, and turned out to have endometriosis and an ovarian cyst.  She does not like being calm and sedentary is not part of her vocabulary. 

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