Tuesday, June 9, 2020

What Does "Defund Police Departments " Mean?

6/8/20 CNNhttps://www.cnn.com/2020/06/07/us/george-floyd-protests-sunday/index.html quotes the various officials.   They are talking of abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department.  Not reforming it.  Yes, more social workers and mental health care would doubtless help, but why did it take George Floyd's death for a bunch of progressives to decide to do something?  It is almost like virtue signaling was more important than reform. 

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  1. I would expect that if the police were defunded or eliminated, they would reappear as an overtly administrative agency, something like the Federal Trade Commission or some similar agency. The law enforcers would be agents, and what is currently the judicial process would become an administrative process, like one has now with the Housing authority. Appeal to the courts would not occur until the "Administrative Remedies" were "exhausted". Federal agencies would not change, so the situation with Article III judges enforcing federal laws would not change. STATE judges, on the other hand, would find things changed. Other than that, my crystal ball is very cloudy. The elected idiots (and I don't mean to insult idiots) who call for defunding the police are showing their stupidity as much as when they called for the abolition of ICE. The functions must be performed by someone, and given half a chance, the Administrative State would love to take over this function.