Sunday, June 28, 2020

When Racial Prejudice is Acceptable

A St. Olaf College theater department professor blamed “white rage” and a fear of white students as reasons for her recent decision to leave her job at the small, private campus.

Professor Michelle Gibbs sent an email to a St. Olaf faculty listserv June 18 explaining the driving force behind her decision.

“This past year, I taught in constant fear of my white students. I knew if I angered them, it could mean my job, or fear that they would come for my career,” Gibbs said in the email obtained by The College Fix. “This type of white rage is real for many of us.”

“I am leaving St. Olaf College because as a Black woman I don’t have the full support of my white colleagues at the college. There are not enough white faculty and administrators willing to stand on the front lines to support us against a biased system that is set up to fail us as Black and Brown faculty.”

I am confused.  If a store detective following a black person around a store, on the assumption that black people are likely shoplifters is racism, what do we call fear and distrust of white students for what two white police officers and two police officers of color did?  We call it "woke," not racial prejudice.

Great comment: "She is in fear of white drama students. Perhaps the only person on the face of the earth afraid of theater majors."

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