Monday, June 8, 2020

The More I Think About the New Progressive Model of Defunding Police...

I keep trying to figure out if it is going to be Mogadishu or Mad Max, or both at once?  It will certainly be cities where women will either carry guns or be rape victims.  (Most inner cities are not known for their feminism.)  And some will be both; it is hard to not get knocked out from behind. 

I am sure all the criminals will come together and sing Kumbaya.


  1. I don't think either Mogadishu or Mad Max. Some of these proponents are closet supporters of a black homeland within the United States. They say they would take over Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi,N&S Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Louisiana, forcing all the whites to leave. Then they would expect all the other states to send their blacks to this new nation (a forced migration). The resuffling of some 40 million Americans Like India, Pakistan reshuffled in 1947. But that partitian involved only some 14.5 million people.

    Of course they would have no industry other than extortion. Shippers would have to pay to go down the Mississippi and the surrounding states would constantly be subject to raids by gangs living within the new Black nation. More the left bank and the PLO, launching rockets west, north and east. It would survive for a decade as both the rest of America gets fed up with the attacks and the blacks within get tired of their own enslavement.

  2. All the Minneapolis libertarians must be wetting themselves from excitement.

  3. I see a burgeoning market for discreetly protective anti-cudgel ball caps and wigs.