Monday, June 1, 2020

There Are So Many Videos of the Rioters on Twitter

One of a woman trying to protect her store while protesters use a 2x4 on her and the windows of her store.  How do you reinforce nasty stereotypes of black men?  Behave like those nasty stereotypes on video.

I see a lot of white rioters as well, mostly skinny young men who are likely that way from being vegan along with Antifa.  And the elites wonder why Trump is going to win and gun bans will not.

Other interesting videos: a BMW with someone handing out bricks to the rioters.  Boy will Daddy be pissed.  License plate completely readable.  

And I see a federal indictment already on a guy who narrated arson, throwing explosives in Milwaukee and then inviting others to join him back in Chicago.  And on his Facebook page!  I do not envy his public defender or the trustee of his trust fund.

Some people are too stupid to stay out of federal prison