Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Antifa Idaho?

The Garden City Police Department asked Tuesday for people to call dispatch if they see anyone leaving random bricks at random locations.

"GCPD is asking the public to call into non-emergency dispatch if they see anyone leaving random bricks at random locations," GCPD tweeted.

As we have seen in recent days, Antifa has been creating stockpiles of bricks for smashing windows.  Amazing how many bricks trust fund babies can buy as a way of expressing disapproval of their parents without actually giving up their wealth.


  1. Best idea I have read is putting a Craigslist curb alert for bricks that are likely staged for random sacking of stores.

  2. Best idea I have seen is putting a Craigslist curb alert for bricks that have been left randomly

  3. The brick sightings are probably a mix of legitimate and suspect deliveries, and even if the latter are a small number, that they exist in the plural is cause for serious concern. A friend in Corpus Christi asked the police about some brick pallets he'd spotted, those were a legitimate shipment. One Instagrammer posted this video; a semi-disheveled stack of bricks with no construction area in sight looks kinda suspicious to me. (Downtown Dallas, specific area unknown).

    It is not clear whether officials in Kansas City were concerned that the brick stashes were evidence of possible mischief, or if they simply constituted a safety hazard.

  4. Like many people, I can see "2", see another "2", and conclude that in sum they make "4".

    Many are doing that at the moment with noting that the Park Police cleared Lafayette Square in DC and then Trump walked across the street to the church where the office/nursery-school annex had been set on fire the night before.

    From context in the White House communications-staff tweets around at the time of the expedition I interpreted that they expected the crowds of protestors to be present and were not aware of the plan to clear them, but many in the Episcopal Church, Catholic diocese, military, police of nearby Virginia districts, DC government, and congress clearly add 2+2 and declare without direct evidence that Trump had the protestors cleared from the square so that he could walk to the church.

    Likewise with the bricks. It is a good bet that it is Antifa, but I'd like to see some evidence that it is before it becomes conventional wisdom that it is.

    (Side note, "Fascism" seems to be a word that means whatever you want it to mean lately. But it has its root in the Latin word fasces as the root of the Italian fascio meaning "a bundle of sticks" leading to fasci as guild or syndicate because "a single rod is easily broken, while the bundle is difficult to break", and fascismo as the italian word for Mussolini's politial party and philosophy.

    Given the italian/latin roots, when I learned of the US "AntiFa" in relation to their pacific NW "actions", I assumed not the Greek "Against" meaning of the "Anti-" prefix, but the latin "prelude" meaning, as used for example in antipasto.

    AntiFa as we see it in the US illustrates quite clearly many of Stanley Payne's characteristics of Fascism:

    1) anti-conservative, anti-(classical)-liberal, and arguably anti-communist (the Leninist soviet form of communism, they are more anarchic!)

    2) "fascist goals" with respect to economic and social structure of the culture, the hitch being that they are not nationalist (yet, so far as we know).

    3) "fascist style" in the romance of the mobilization of the masses of youth in opposition to the cultures traditional estates, and the promotion and approval of political violence. This area is where AntiFa is most clearly fascistic.)