Friday, June 5, 2020

Our Opponents Claimed "Shall Issue" Would Result in Wild West Shootouts

I can see a pretty dramatic change in gun ownership coming in Minneapolis.  All our opponents who predicted Wild West shootouts from "shall issue" will get the real thing in Anarchopolis.


  1. I really hope these commie scum shut down the police. An interesting experiment, no?

  2. Why does my family history pop into my mind when I hear people talk about dismantling whole police departments and then creating something better thats only bgetter because it has never been tried before.

    Is it because one side of my family came to Texas and bought land near present day Fort Hood. Two years later they were living in Texarkana after surviving a raid by the comanches who the government had a treaty with. They never returned to the property: the Two boys eventually joined Texas Ranger companies who filled the gap between Federal cavalry stations. These were not the Professional law enforcement units we today call the Texas Rangers.