Wednesday, June 10, 2020

How Can You Play Fetch Endlessly With a Dog, And They Never Get Tired of It?

They both love to do it.  Lillie is faster, and on the rare occasions Rosie gets the ball, she won't bring it to me.  Lillie eventually pulls it out from between her jaws and brings it back.


  1. My Huskies will allow two throws, and they're done.

    Bored, probably...not tired.

  2. It depends on your kind of dog. Retrievers are a breed apart, for sure.

    My bullmastiff loved to chase a ball, soccer balls were his favorite, and he'd bring then back and expect you to fight to get it out of his mouth. He popped a few, and he never chased more than 3 or 4 times -- he was really in it for the tug of war battle.

    My Goldens, however, would chase for 2+ hours and would only stop because I did. I'd throw the ball into the tall grass in the field and you'd never see a happier dog as he frantically sought for the ball, brought it back, and eagerly urge you to throw it again. One time the boy hurt himself and had to be left inside while the girl and I played ball. You'd have thought that someone was torturing him from his cries.