Thursday, June 21, 2018

Where's the Punch Line?

The College Fix reports on a grad student whose Ph.D. is being withheld because he allegedly defended his advisor from a rape allegation.  This gem:
One of her allegations against Vengalattore included that he left her “middle initial” off her name in an author list, which constituted “sexual harassment,” according to his email to a colleague.


  1. Well, what's the conversion factor now? How many sexual harassment allegations does one need to equal a rape allegation, and would that be a date-rape or violent stranger rape? I wouldn't ordinarily have to ask, except when dealing with the meaning of words used by leftists, divining meaning from words that used to have commonly known meanings is worse than dealing with Humpty-Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland, for whom words mean whatever he wants them to mean.

  2. Note also that this is in a hard STEM department, they're increasingly subject to SJW degradation. Of course the Left will say it's "bad luck" when the power goes out.