Thursday, June 7, 2018

LR 1330 Watch Battery: Where? (LR1130)

I need some of these as spares for the new finder on Big Bertha.  Celestron thinks these are available at drug stores like Walgreen's.  Nope.  They are available on Amazon, but reviews indicate these are outdated, often nearly flat--with the strong implication that while they say Maxell on them, they are probably counterfeits.  Have you seen these in your local chain store?  They are the diameter of the 357 batteries, but 1/3 the thickness and higher voltage, it appears.

Yes, LR1130.  The paper is right here in front of me.  Now that I am searching for the right number: WalMart has them! Rayovac lists the AG10 and 390 as replacements.


  1. Did you mean LR-1130?

    The LR1130 is an alkaline cell that is 11.6mm diameter and 3.05mm tall. Voltage is nominally 1.5V.

    There is a 1.55V silver oxide version SR1130W with the same dimensions and double mAh.

    357 is 11.6 × 5.4mm, so the 1130 is a bit more than half as thick as a 357. -- The IEC 4-digit numbers represent the diameter in millimeters as the 1st two digits and the height in tenths of mm as the 3rd and 4th digits, hence 1130 for 11.6mmx3.05mm

  2. There is also an obsolete CR1130 3v lithium cell. If the contacts can be convinced to accept it, sometimes a more available CR1025 can be used, it is smaller in radius by 0.75mm and thinner by 0.5mm.

  3. 389 is the replacement/equivalent for the LR1130. Often sold as 389/390, IIRC.