Friday, June 8, 2018

Another Cultural Elite Suicide CNN reports Anthony Bourdain's suicide.  I enjoyed his shows and in spite of being part of the oppressor class, a show in the Southwest had him shooting a modern sporting rifle and admitting the leftist hatred was irrational.  

Is losing control really this hard for the elites? This is not the Russian Revolution -- we are not confiscating their ill-gotten  wealth, their jets, or their TV networks.


  1. I have to wonder if the soon-to-be-released truth about what BHO was willing to do to hold on to power was a factor in his motivation.

  2. I am concerned this is how the elites will make good on their statements if Trump was elected they would leave America. We al though they mean't they would leave for Europe or (jokingly) Venezuela. Now I can ask did some of them mean they were moving to the next plain of existence.

    Michael Savage was surprised at the suicide rates in various countries he feels were nice to live in. I sent him a note that many of the countries he is surprised about are proudly cited by gun controlists for their low gun related suicide rates. The point being he is looking for an underlying cause, while others have already deemed the cause (firearms) and the solution (banning).

  3. I don't know that Bourdain felt that kind of loss of control. I think the recent spate of celebrity suicides are another result of the industry attracting people who find the eye of the camera and the public adulation fills a gap in their souls. Remember Sally Fields, after winning IIRC, an Oscar, "You really, really like me!" The media industry is one that gives more awards to its members than any other industry, and that all that self-congratulations comes from somewhere other than a desire for TV ratings, eyeballs on screens or butts in seats.

  4. The elites have the illusion that they are loved, respected, and are actually "the elite".

    Take that from them, and is anyone surprised that these weak-willed social butterflies find it impossible to cope with the reality that they are actually insignificant, and even despised by the majority...?

    Expect more of this, as the true nature of reality intrudes upon their halcyon dreamworld.

  5. Takirks: They are amazed that the masses (especially lower income masses) hate them, because they fantasize that what they are doing is for "the little people."