Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Dog Went to the Veterinary E/R Yesterday

Hard lump under jaw.  Vet thought it was an abscess caused by cheat grass.  But because location and feel seems like a bubo. he had to call the state epidemiologist for bubonic plague screening.  I rather doubt it.  For one thing, I am not hearing:

Procedure to remove abscess went well; she is home.  I wonder if this might be related to the snake she pulled out of a hole a few days ago, running away with both ends of the snake flopping up and down attempting escape.


  1. Taking my boy cat to the Vet tomorrow, hopefully. Hopefully we will have rain tomorrow morning and he will stick around until I can get him in the carrier and to his 9:00 appointment. He seems to have a distended/swollen belly which seems to make him lay down to one side. I am hoping its something simple, he's only two years old.

  2. Vet diagnosis: He's becoming a fat cat. 12.5 lbs which is getting too heavy, so like me he starts on LoCal and perhaps I start picking up the bowls so he can't nibble between meals. The Vet felt his being more an outdoor cat is why his weight isn't worse. But he is a boy cat so he tends to gain weight easier then his sisters (who are lean mean prowling machines).