Friday, June 29, 2018

1/2"-13 fully threaded 7" long

Head type doesn't matter.  MSC has them, but only in quantity 25 (about $166).  I need three for an experiment.  The other obvious vendors (Grainger, Tacoma Screw) do not have that length fully threaded.  Can you think of a store that might carry such an oddity?

Are there bolt extenders that are 1/2"-13 thread on male end with a female end that take a 1/2"-13 bolt?  It does not need to be 1/2" diameter the whole length.  I could start with a 5/8" piece of steel, turn one end down, use a 1/2"-13 die (which I do not think I have) and tap the other end (and yes, I have that tap), but that's not a practical mass production technique.

They might be called standoffs, but that size is not out there that I can find.

One of my very knowledgeable readers pointed out that the readily available and cheap 5" fully threaded bolts can be combined with a coupling nut and stud to achieve this result.



    $34/10 from US in eBay.

    Alternatively, non-fully-threaded ones are even cheaper, and you could thread one? The mention of extenders makes me assume you don't actually need fully-threaded?

  2. I need fully threaded at the head but not necessarily for the whole length.

  3. Kevin: It might, but I found a better solution from a reader: fully threaded 5" bolt, coupling nut and stud.