Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Night of Rodentia

First, a mouse was running through the house.  Rosie caught it, gummed senseless, then dropped it on the back porch, where it tried to crawl away.  A few minutes later, Rhonda heard a screeching sound.  Concerned that Rosie was after another small animal, she went outside where a very small weasel was hiding under bricks from Rosie.  Cute little creature.  The mouse was gone in the morning.  I think weasels eat mice and everything else that is small enough.

1 comment:

  1. Beware if they get inside. Deer mice carry hantavirus.

    As an aside, the American strain of hantavirus is the Sin Nombre (no name) virus.

    Originally, in comformance with normal practice, it was the Canyon del Muerte virus, named after the place on the Navajo reservation where it was first identified.

    The Navajos objected - they have a taboo against discussing death.

    So, it was renamed the Four Corners Virus. Naturally, the chambers of commerce, etc, of the four states objected.

    So, the virolgists, in disgust, named it the No Name Virus.