Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Difficult We Do At Once; the Impossible Takes a Little Longer

California requires handguns to have microstamped numbers and for that unique number to go on every bullet leaving the barrel.  Gun makers challenged this because there is no available technology to do this.  The California Supreme Court ruled that just because it is impossible does not invalidate the law.  Please: have your state require all cars to be run by perpetual motion machines or unicorn farts.

And why are you staying there, feeding their delusions of sanity.


  1. It’s Calvinball, if you want to play you have to start making up your own rules too. Claim that the cartridges ARE microstamped but the technology to read them doesn’t yet exist. File for a silly patent about electron spin eight segment number embossing and let the state argue that you aren’t complying while you argue that they just can’t read the numbers. Seems about as rational what the rule makers in CA are doing.

  2. I think the term Catch 22 applies here. Here we have the State Supreme Court now saying the law and the requirement within doesn't have to be possible. And yet, because of the requirement, no handguns can be sold in California in violation of Heller. The court argues that Heller is not violated because the law doesn't explicitly prevent people from owning a handgun. But the impossibility of applying the microstamp turns it into a prohibition (which the AG says it not).

    I am correct in this insane analysis.

    I should go to the gun show tomorrow while they are still allowed.

  3. Soon, we in CA won't need cars! No, we'll just take the magic Bullet Train anywhere we want to go. It'll all be free, run by unicorn farts!

    Don't forget, we live in the Land of Make-Believe, and nobody here will pull the curtain back (they're afraid they might find the Wizard is a fraud, and we can't have that!)