Friday, June 22, 2018

Took My Son-in-Law and His Brother Shooting Last Saturday

Yes, both transplants from Washington.  What I have read tells me that a properly designed 9mm JHP (like the Winchester Silvertips, I carry in my Browning Hi-Power)  gives up very little to a .45 ACP JHP in defensive use; the .45 ACP FMJ has very impressive consequences on milk jugs because of the diameter.  If you are limited to FMJ by the Hague Convention, larger is definitely better. 

I was both function testing the Wilson-Rogers 8 round magazines for the .45, and testing American Reserve Munitions .45 ACP FMJ.  Both fed, fired, and ejected perfectly.  Compared to some Winchester white box my son-in-law's brother brought, I could see no difference in accuracy; although this was a very undemanding test: do bullets mostly hit their target? 

We were also playing with the Colt/Walther .22LR "Government Model."  It functions just like a M1911A1; looks nearly identical; and has only one annoying field stripping quirk which I mentioned a few days ago.  Of course, recoil is much less and racking the slide is far easier; this is a strictly blowback design for a wimpy little cartridge.  Loads of fun to shoot, and likely a good practice gun for the .45.

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  1. If you are limited to FMJ levels of performance by things like thick winter clothing that plugs up hollow point bullets, larger is definitely better.

    FIFY. The #1 reason I use 1911s exclusively is that they've fit my hand like a glove since I was a teen. But after that, I can't help but note that getting 9mm to preform at .45 ACP FMJ or better levels requires a trick or three that won't always work.