Sunday, June 10, 2018

Is It a "Madness of Mazdas"

Driving up ID-55 first there were three red Mazda 323's in a row.   Then 12 (not all red), then a Mazda RX-8.  Coincidence or Mazda club?   Do you call them a flock of Mazdas?  My wife and I finally settled on a madness of Mazdas.


  1. Were they all 323s, except for the RX-8 at the end of the parade? I can easily imagine an organization of Mazda Miata pilots... but 323s? Not so much.

    Several years ago on a beautiful Sunday morning, I'd pulled over to the side of Highway 1 just a couple miles north of the Golden Gate bridge. Much to my delight, 20 or 25 Cobra sports cars rolled by, rumbling and shimmering in the sunshine. Most likely a lot of them were "kit" cars, but it was a near-religious experience, just the same.

  2. Bikeboy: Every single one a 323 except the RX-8. I had a GLC (the 323's ancestor) and it was a spunky little car.

  3. I'd say a "Wankel", but that's too much of an in-joke, and doesn't really apply to the Miata.