Friday, June 8, 2018

Jeep 4WD Selector

My wife's Jeep has 4 selectors, auto snow, mud, and sand. Auto means AWD.  The Trailhawk model includes a rock or boulder mode for the real crazies.   I want the Planethawk model: mountain ranges,  ocean trenches. Mid-ocean plate separation ridges.

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  1. You want the "creep" from EE "Doc" Smith's First Lensman

    "This vehicle, while slow, could go - literally - anywhere. It had a cigar-shaped body of magnalloy; it had big, soft, tough tires; it had cleated tracks; it had air- and water-propellers; it had folding wings; it had driving, braking, and steering jets. It could traverse the deserts of Mars, the oceans and swamps of Venus, the crevassed glaciers of Earth, the jagged, frigid surface of an iron asteroid, and the cratered, fluffy topography of the moon; if not with equal speed, at least with equal safety."