Friday, June 15, 2018

The Great Urinator

If you haven't seen The Great Impostor, let me recommend it. 

Switching to wet food at first seemed to help Tater's bad habit as did taking down the drapes in the family room.  (We thought he was frightened by seeing the dog poorly, and mistaking him for another, much larger cat.)    But he is back to it.  At least only on the leather couch, which cleans up well.  My wife wants him outside as much as possible.  This is not a long-term survival strategy in our area.


  1. You have to keep them hydrated, or they become constipated and they will get kidney and bladder stones. A change in behavior should be checked by a vet. Our 16 year old Schip began letting go by the door and he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. He is now on a small dose of aspirin every day to inhibit clotting, which could block his urethra. We use belly bands with a pad to keep him from leaking in the house. He is a short-timer, and we want his last days to be good.

  2. The vet has done two exams and a variety of tests. She thinks it is behavioral.

  3. Dang, that requires a bunch of time and effort. It can be done. We have re-housebroken fosters that were neglected and made good dogs of them. Best wishes to you and your dog. No need to post this...