Thursday, June 14, 2018

Have You Ever Wanted to be a Researcher Helping Defend the Second Amendment?

You are doubtless aware that I am writing an encyclopedia of American mass murder.  But how do you search newspapers for mass murders?  The phrase is not commonly used before 1952.  This URL will take you to the Library of Congress' Chronicling America page where you can search through tens of thousands of newspapers from 1789 to 1963.  If you look for the word "murders" as in the search at that URL, you will find lots of matches, most of which are not mass murders (three or more victims).  But if everyone took a decade (1801-1810) and did such a search, you could forward me the text that appears below the page (Example:
It would greatly speed up this project.

1801-1810 and 1821-1830 are taken.


  1. Just saw this. Will try to start tomorrow. Since I am apparently first to reply, I will give 1801-1810 a go.

  2. I am in... Let me get started with 1910-1919.