Friday, September 22, 2017

Dr..John Lott Causing Trouble Again

From a recent email:
My recent testimony before the President's Advisory Commission on Election Integrity received coverage in hundreds of news stories and a couple of op-eds in the Chicago Tribune and The Hill. The idea is a simple one: Democrats have long lauded the NICS system as a simple, accurate, and fair way to check whether people can legally own guns “without in any way abridging rights," so why not use that system to check whether voters are legally eligible to vote? The reaction to my proposal was swift and harsh. “Horrified,” “patently absurd,” and “flabbergasted” were some of the attacks. That I just wanted to “suppress” voting. Democrats and the media didn't think that any of their concerns applied to the restrictions on buying guns.
The real issue is that the Democrats do not want voter registration accurate.

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  1. I've thought that the I.D. that is legal for buying alcohol should be whatever I.D. is required for voting.

    My cousin in Germany back in 2003 showed me her national I.D. card that was required for voting. With the Leftists thinking so many things that Germany does are worthy of emulation by Americans in America, I can't understand this.