Thursday, September 28, 2017

First CPAP Night

Not sure how much effect our had.   My wife says that my voice is clearer and I have less flat affect.   I only slept until about 2:00 AM.  Put the mask back on at 4:00.  I think I need to increase humidity.


  1. It might take several weeks for you to adjust to the cpap......that was my experience. But when you adjust...zzzzzz

  2. My CPAP has a reservoir that can be filled with water to increase the humidity. It also has a temperature control to modify the evaporation rate of the water in the reservoir.

    Most of the time, I don't put water in it, but I leave it in place because it acts like a muffler for the noise of the unit, which would otherwise travel down the air tube and keep me awake.

  3. I've used a CPAP for quite a while and it does me a lot of good. I second your plan to increase the humidity setting. I run mine as high as I can without a lot of condensation (I really hate that whistle it gets with droplets in the mask). I also have a zipper jacket on the hose, which helps reduce condensation in cooler weather.