Wednesday, September 13, 2017

All New Technologies Have Unexpected Problems

I remember when LED bulbs started to replace incandescent stoplights.  In places with heavy snow, the LED bulbs did not produce enough heat to melt out the snow.  Whoops! The NoTricksZone points out that if all our vehicles were electric, as greenies are beginning to force some European governments to do, Irma would have caused massive death:
Cars would lose their charge, millions stranded on highway
Imagine if the environmentalists had had their way and had managed to force the US into electric cars…something that is underway now in some countries like Norway, the UK and soon France. Germany recently has been discussing in earnest banning by 2030 the internal combustion engine.
And now imagine with Irma approaching if the millions of citizens evacuating populated south Florida had had electric cars instead to make the 400-mile journey to get out of harm’s way. After 100 miles or so these cars would have lost their power, and charging stations quickly would have become overrun with cars waiting to make the one-hour charge-up.
Traffic would have rapidly come to a halt.
These millions of stranded people then would have been sitting ducks waiting to be blown away by nature’s fury.
Fossil fuel vehicles never need a rest
With fossil fuels, the car’s range is far greater, fueling time is just minutes and extra canisters of fuel also can be easily brought along. Power outages would not interrupt petrol stations because the gas pumps can be easily powered by portable fossil fuel-powered generators.
While greenies believe global warming is increasing hurricanes, as I posted earlier today, hurricanes are not becoming more common or more powerful.   And even when Columbus arrived in the New World hurricanes were a startling discovery for pre-fossil fuel Europeans.

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  1. Nah, we'll just use trains.

    Which means that folks will be limited to one suitcase and one carry on.

    Which means pets will be left behind to die.

    Which also means more stuff left behind for the progressives core constituency--looters.