Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trump's Speech at the UN

Okay, it's Monday morning quarterbacking, and not like any conservative listens to me:

"In 1945, the U.S. used nuclear weapons to end World War II by utterly destroying two cities of what is now a peaceful and ally.  In retrospect, this may not have been the best way to end World War II, but it seemed like the best way to save millions of American lives, and at least millions of Japanese lives."

This makes all the non-TDS left coo.

"The world has changed since then.  If needed to protect ourselves for a nuclear-armed enemy making continual threats and provocative actions, we can easily make all of North Korea into Hiroshima.  If Russia and China find that a disturbing possibility, as they well should, it is time for them to stop this madman."


  1. Errrr,, this conservative listens to you. I don't always agree, but I usually do.

    In this case, I sorta agree. I think we have to do whatever it takes to stop the Norks from having a nuclear or EMP threat to us (see my PJMedia article below and perhaps more in the future).

    But, I also suspect that we could strike his capabilities and *not* start a full scale war. It would be a big risk, but it would be better than frying the whole country. And, the latter would produce unacceptable responses, internationally and internally, unless in response to something more concrete than threats and tests. Think about the fallout (unless they were all airbursts, which wouldn't take out everything). Think of all the bleeding hearts in the world, who really do have power. Think of the Chicoms, who would be beyond displeased, enough to do unpleasantries such as going after Taiwan, which could lead to a full scale nuclear war.

    The lesser attack would no doubt result in some unpleasant results - a terrorist attack or two, or whatever, but if we are willing to risk full scale war, we should be willing to take the lesser risk.

  2. Nobody I talk to seems to understand that this is a proxy war. China is the root of this problem. We should make it perfectly clear to China that we regard NK as their responsibility, and will consider an attack by NK to be the same as an attack by China. The moment China believes that Kim goes away.