Monday, September 18, 2017

This Joke is Becoming Tiresome

Clinton is considering challenging the legitimacy of the election because of Russia.  Even there were some truth to the Russia fantasy,  what provision of the Constitution applies?  What clause requires foreign governments not influence our elections.  Would this apply retroactively to the Chinese involvement in the 1996 election?  Right after the election,  like Gore tried to do in 2000 would have been disappointing,  but now?  She is raising sore loserdom to new levels.


  1. The Constitution has never factored into the thinking of progressives. In their delusion, the believe in an "arc of history" that inevitably moves society in the progressive direction. Hence, the Constitution is an irrelevant artifact if it hinders that - since it will inevitably be ignored.

    Sadly, they have a fair amount of evidence that western societies tend to follow that arc, except that the wonderful benefits of doing so seem to never materialize. Shocker!

    And, of course, they also have no respect for rules that don't favor them.,

  2. Today Hillsdale College has been hosting a series of paneled discussions. Here is 30 minute talk by Dr. Gorka. Fascinating.